Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Top Ten

Well, let's just say that February was a busy, but very fun month. We took lots of time to spend together as a family, and we tried our best to relax most weekends instead of going non-stop.  Here are my top 10 favorites:

1. Camping @ Hickiwan-  We went to visit our friends and fellow missionaries, Ken and Thurleen Bain, in Hickiwan on the Tohono O'odham reservation.  We absolutley love Hickiwan for many different reasons, but one of them is because of the slow pace of life there.  It is quiet and peaceful and a place that we can go and relax. There is hardly any traffic and there are no sirens!!  Plus, it's beautiful (as far as deserts go) with mountains all around.  While we were there, we went to see Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and drove down to the border.

Yes, I laid out in the sun and it was great!

Ella and Brayden's "pets".  They kept feeding them apples so the donkeys stayed around a lot.


2. Valentine's Day-  We had a fun time together as a family.  I received my favorite flowers and favorite candy.  Eric got several of his favorite candies.  Ella and Brayden got new stuffed animals and candy. We all went out for dinner as well.

3. The Circus- This was part of Ella and Brayden's Valentine present.  Let me just say, I was not impressed with the circus at all.  However, the kids loved it.  So, it was worth it because of that.

One of the best performances of the night.  I'll spare you the rest of the pics :)

4. Picnic at the Park-  President's Day weekend was a long weekend for us.  Ella was out of school that Monday so we went to one of our favorite parks, Villago Park. We had a picnic by the water and took a walk around. 

5. More Adoption Updates- This has been a busy month for our adoption.  Everything seems to be progressing.  We have gotten shots this month to prepare for travel(ouch!), we have been refingerprinted (because there was a chance our fingerprints would expire before we traveled), and we have filled out lots of forms and papers for travel and Embassy.  Also, our agency director and program coordinator are in the Congo now!  They are getting new pics and info that hopefully I get to pass along soon!!

6. Rodeo- In Arizona, the time for festivals and events are in the months of February and March.  This month we went to the Casa Grande Cowboy and Indian Days.  One of the big events is the rodeo.  We had lots of fun watching in the stands and, of course, enjoying all the yummy food (kettle corn) and drinks (lemonade shake ups) that go along with it.

My cowgirl and cowboy

7. Donnie and Carla Visit- We were lucky to have our good friends come to visit us from Murray, KY.  They drove all the way to come visit and minister with us for a week.  It was so good to see friends from "back home" and just to spend the week together talking and catching up.  Of course, we were so thankful for their help as well.
Donnie and Eric

Carla with some of the girls

8. Our first ever Disciple Now Weekend with the youth at First Pima-  We had lots of fun with the kids that came from First Pima.  We played games, ate, had Bible Study, ate some more, answered questions, the girls stayed the night (notice I didn't say they had a sleep over because sleep wasn't involved I don't think).  Overall, it was a great time!  Not to mention, 2 students gave their life to Christ on Sunday morning!!! 

Playing a game

Abriel and Michele (pronounced Mish-a-lay) right after they gave their life to Christ!

9. Our 1st Pow Wow- We experienced our first ever pow wow and it was lots of fun.  It was really neat to see everyone in their traditional native dress and to see the dancing and singing and drumming. 

10. Speaking about blogging- We went to our first Arizona MSC missionary retreat and I was asked to speak about blogging.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I spoke about how to make a blog and all the things you can do with it.  Crazy, right?  I felt so inadequate to do it, but I did and it went great (at least I think it did).  I even think some people decided they were going to give it a shot. 

Well, that about sums up our month of February- at least the fun parts.  ( I didn't include that both kids were sick throwing up and that I feel like I didn't sleep for a week.)  But, after thinking back over all the fun we had this month, it's hard to remember that even happening. 

Feeling extremely blessed,

P.S.  Don't forget to take a look at the shirts we have for sale this month (see previous post)!  Let me know if you want one!  (or 2 or 3 or 4) 

Friday, March 2, 2012


We have new t-shirts for sale!!!!


On both shirts, the left side of the pic will be the front and the right side of the pic will be the back.

The first shirt is our adoption fundraising shirt.  The front says "147 Million Orphans".  The back has Proverbs 24:12 written in black.  We are selling them for $15 each.  Please add $2 for sizes 2XL and up.  Also, please add $3 for shipping (if needed).

The second shirt is our ministry shirt.  (They came as one attachment and I can't separate the pics!)  The front has "Arizona Missions 2012".  The back has Matthew 5:16 written in green. They are also $15 each with $2 extra for 2XL and up and $3 for shipping (if needed).

If you are interested in either one, please send me an email at with how many, sizes, etc. 

We are placing the order for the shirts March 12.

Payment can be made by check or cash.  If mailing, please send to PO Box 2237, Sacaton, AZ 85147.