Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Newest Announcement

Hello friends and family!!
We wanted to make sure you were aware of our newest and exciting announcement- we are adopting a 5 year old boy from the Congo!!!
Our whole crew is so excited about adding Isaiah to our family!  He is such a sweet little boy.  While Eric was in Congo to train local pastors, he was able to meet him for the first time and spend a couple of days with him.  It was so hard for them both to say goodbye.  The orphanage director said it took her a full 2 days to make Isaiah understand that we are coming back for him :(  Totally breaks my heart that he thought he was being abandoned.
Can't show his face quite yet, but isn't that the cutest smile?
I am writing to ask for your help. There are 2 ways that you can help us bring our son home.
1. Give financially.  We are in a time crunch right now.  Almost all the paperwork and court process has been completed.  Financially, everything has been paid for except the final payment of $4,000.  Adoption is very expensive and we have been blessed up to this point to have everything paid for either by us selling things, borrowing from our retirement, and a couple of generous people who donated to us.  We just need the final $4,000!! 
We can NOT move forward with the rest of the adoption process without this payment being made, which means Isaiah has to stay in an orphanage longer without his family!
We would appreciate a donation in any amount to help us with this payment
To show Isaiah how many people helped to bring him home, we have bought a 500 piece puzzle.  For every $5 donation that we receive, we will write your name on the back of the puzzle piece.  When the puzzle is completed, we will frame it in a special frame so that he can see the picture that the puzzle makes and all the names on the back that helped to bring him home.  For example, if our family was to donate to someone else for their adoption I would donate $5 for everyone in our family at this point (which would be 6) for a total of $30.  Then each of our names would be written on the back of the puzzle pieces. 
To make a donation that is tax deductible you can go to this link:
Then click "Back This" and make your donation.  It's really simple!!
2. Pray.  We know for some people that money is seriously tight. So tight that you can't even spare $5. We've been there done that.  If that is you, we would ask that you please pray for Isaiah, for us, for the adoption process to move quickly, for finances to pay the last payment, for the orphanage and the director, etc. 
One of the major things we learned from our last adoption was that Satan attacks everything about an adoption.  He wants the kids to stay orphans, to feel unwanted and unloved, hopeless, etc.  So we ask that you please pray.  We can always tell when people have been at the throne of God petitioning on our behalf!!
Just recently, I read a blog post.  The person writing the blog was asking for people to support a cause she was passionate about and someone asked her the question, "What do I get out of it?"  Some of you may be asking that same question.  The only answer I have for you is that you get to be a part of Kingdom work!!  You get to help an orphaned child become an orphan no more!  You will get to see the difference a family makes in the life of a child!
We truly thank you for your support, encouragement, and for helping bring the sweetest 5 year old boy in Congo home to his family!!!
Brittany Gibbs( and family)