Monday, August 20, 2012

Adoption Prayer Requests

Here is another quick adoption update along with a couple of prayer requests:

Since my last post, our I600 has been approved from USCIS!!  So excited about that!  We are now waiting to hear the dates that our Embassy appointments have been scheduled and for Emmalyn to have her passport.  Originally, we were told that she already had her passport done, but then we received word that it wasn't complete because she has been sick. We don't know how sick or even what kind of sick, but when I heard that news I had this immediate urgency that we need to go get her.  Also, we found out last night that she has been moved from the place she was staying to an orphanage. 

The good news in all of this is that our agency director and 3 other families are in Congo this week.  Those families have just met their children for the first time today!!!  So excited for them!!  In fact, I just checked facebook and one of the families had posted pictures which totally brought me to tears.  Our agency director is supposed to be seeing Emmalyn today and checking on her and getting some new pics!  And hopefully she is finding out when our Embassy appointment is scheduled.

So, here are the prayer requests:

1. Pray for the families meeting their children for the first time. Pray that the transition is fairly easy and the kiddos adjust and bond to their parents.

2. Pray for our agency director to see all the children and get updates on all the cases.

3. Pray that Emmalyn's passport is done and Embassy appointments have been scheduled (and that they are soon).

4. Pray for Emmalyn- that her sickness is gone and that she can stay healthy until we go pick her up.  And that she is adjusting at the orphanage with new caregivers, new kids, etc. 

I have decided to show her picture in this post.  I was going to wait until we traveled, but I want you to see the precious face of the little girl you are praying for.

Isn't she sweet?

Praying that our "gotcha" day is soon!!

Thanks for your prayers and support throughout our whole adoption process!!!