Sunday, December 11, 2011

Like Father Like Son

Our family likes sports, especially Eric (daddy).  Baseball is one of our favorites, and our favorite team is also the best team in the country- the St. Louis Cardinals. 

I'm sure if you have had your tv on any this week, you know that Albert Pujols is no longer a Cardinal :(   We (and by we I really mean Eric) watched the news for several hours the day that the announcement was made this past week. 

Brayden sat right there with him and watched it too.  He loves his daddy and wants to be just like him.  The whole time Eric sat there watching the news unfold and then he would repeat it all to me while I was busy doing something else.  Much more important I'm sure :) 

But, Brayden seriously hung on every word that came out of Eric's mouth.  So much that when Ella came home from school that day, Brayden told her exactly what had happened. 

He said, "Ella,do you know what?  Albert Pujols (but he says Pujas) doesn't play for the Cardinals any more.  He plays for the Angels.  And they live in California.  But we don't like them.  We like the Cardinals. We're always gonna like the Cardinals."

I just smiled the entire time he was talking.  I looked over at Eric and he had a huge smile across his face.  I could tell he was saying to himself "that's my boy!" haha

He looks just like his daddy :)

An unrelated picture of Brayden wanting to be like his daddy

Although this story is funny and sweet (at least to me), God used Brayden to teach me a lesson that day.  He reminded me that I should have as much desire and enthusiasm for my Heavenly Father as he does for his earthly father.  I should want and desire to be like Christ, and to do that I must spend time with Him and listen to what He is telling me. 

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing me with my children to teach me more about you!! 


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