Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My little man

A couple of weeks ago, I took Brayden to an ENT.  He has had numerous ear infections throughout his life, but recently they have gotten to be more frequent and more severe.  Around Christmas last year, he had an infection so bad that his ear drum ruptured.  The thing is, he never complains with pain until it is unbearable.  So I never know when he has one until it has gotten really bad. 

Since we moved to AZ, he has had another infection.  When we went back to the doctor she said that, after being on medicing for 2 weeks, it looked better but it still wasn't normal.  She recommended going to the ENT. 

The ENT did an exam and then the audiologist did some tests.  The tests showed that because of so much fluid built up that Brayden had a significant amount of hearing loss.  I had suspected this. 

The recommendation was for tubes in his ears.  The doctor explained that once the tubes were in place and the fluid could drain that his hearing would be back to normal and there would be less infections. 

We feel that having tubes is the best thing for Brayden right now.  Without them, his hearing will get worse and he will continue to have infections which could permanently damage his hearing. 

His surgery is scheduled for Friday, May 13 at 7:30 in the morning.  That's only 2 days away.  It is a minor surgery and very common.  (Actually, it is the second most performed surgery on kids other than circumcision.)  Nevertheless, he does have to be put to sleep.  And he is still my baby!  Prayers would be much appreciated on Friday at 7:30 (Arizona time) or 9:30 (central time)!

The doc said he should be able to play soccer Sat!!!

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