Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary Eric!

What's so special about May 1, 2011?  It marks 7 years that Eric and I have been married!  Wow, have those years flown by!  It seems just like yesterday that we were sophomores in high school and he was aking me out at the Back to School Dance. 

Who knew that we would be where we are today?  Not me, that's for sure.  But thankfully, God did!  If you had asked me the day of our wedding where we would be in 7 years, there is no way my answer would have been, "Living in AZ as missionaries with 2 children and another on the way across the world from us!"  But I love our life!  I'm so glad God writes our story and not me.

So thankful for these little munchkins!

Our little bull rider!

Our sweet cheerleader!


I am so thankful for you and feel so blessed to have you as my husband. 

When I met you 12 years ago, I loved how you made me laugh, and I loved those cute dimples.

And although I still love those things about you, I love you for so, so many more now.

I love you now for the way you love Jesus!

I love you now for your willingness to go where God leads!

I love you now for the compassion you show!

I love you now for the way you lead our family!

I love you now for being such an awesome daddy!

I love you now for your heart for the orphan!

I love you now for the way you love me- always forgiving and always encouraging and building me up! 

I love you for all the ways I never could have imagined I would!

Happy Anniversary!  I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with you!!

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  1. I just read "and another one on the way" and freaked out a little in excitement... then read the rest of the sentence and remembered that you are adopting! Ha! Happy Anniversary!