Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend spending time together as a family!  We have had mission teams at our house every weekend for 4 weeks until this past weekend, so we took advantage of enjoying much needed family time!

First, we got haircuts.

Cutting out the tangles :)

Always so serious when getting his haircut

Aren't they hot stuff? :)

Then, we had family movie night at home.  We watched Secretariat because we love horses so much.

Notice all the stuffed animals in the background that had to watch the movie too :)
 Unfortunatley, Daddy got called to go help some friends whose vans had broken down so he missed all the movie.  BUT, it was okay because we had a lazy Sunday afternoon and watched it again!!

Then, Sunday night, we went to the community fireworks show.  This was really the first community event that we have went to and participated in.  It was a little different walking into a crowd of over 1,000 people and being the ONLY white family there.  Eric said it was like a reverse Tater Day (for those of you who live in Marshall County and can understand that statement) haha :)  Nevertheless, we had a really good time.  We met up with some of our students from church and hung out with them and their family.  There was all kinds of stuff to do: food, water slide, basketball tournament, skateboard tournament, etc.  There was also a chicken scratch band (the type of music that many Natives listen to and dance to) that played the whole night.  Ella and Brayden danced the night away :)

Eric talking with Joker, Doug's dad
Of couse, my camera went dead before I could get the pics of the kids dancing and the fireworks.

On Monday, we relaxed and played in the water.  That night we went to the drive-in in Scottsdale and watched Cars 2. 

 They wanted to go swimming, but we don't have a pool.  So, we did the next best thing-filled up a bucket of water :)  You only have so many options when you live in the desert! 

Ready for the movie to start!

We had a fun weekend!  Hope you did too!!  Happy 4th of July!!


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