Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful Eyes

Today we went to get Brayden's hair cut.  (I think he has the fastest growing hair in the world!) While we were there, he and the lady that was cutting his hair started having a conversation.  It went something like this:

Lady: "I think you have the most beautiful eyes. Where did you get your eyes from? Your mama?

Brayden: "Nope."

Lady: "Well, did you get them from your daddy?"

Brayden: "Nope."

Lady: "Did you get them from your sister?"

Brayden: "Nope."

Lady: "Your dog?"

Brayden: "Nope."

Lady: "Well, where did you get them from then?"

Brayden: "God. He gave them to me."

Lady: (laughing) "I guess you're right.  God gave you beautiful eyes."

I love how much truth a child can speak!  What an example he was to the lady we met today! 

And, of course, he does have beautiful eyes!!  No bias at all!


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