Monday, August 29, 2011

Funny Story (at least it is to me)

We were sitting around the dinner table tonight talking about our day.  Ella was telling us all about her school day. (She always has so many stories to tell.)  This week, their class is studying about community helpers.  She was telling us she was so excited because tomorrow 2 police officers, a fireman, and a nurse were all going to come visit her class and talk about the ways that they help the community. 

Eric jokingly said, "So when is your teacher going to ask me to come speak to the class about being a preacher?"

Ella started laughing and said, "Daddy, you have to have a job to come speak to our class."

The whole table erupted in laughter.  So funny! 

Then, as we were finishing eating, she said (as if not to hurt his feelings), "Daddy, I know you actually have 2 jobs- you're a preacher and a missionary."

Oh how I love that sweet girl!!


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