Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Top Ten

The whole month of January has been a great start to 2012 for our family.  We've got to spend lots of time together just being us, you know.  So I decided I would make a list of my top ten favorite things about this month. 

1. The weather-  in my opinion, it just doesn't get much better than having 75 degree days in winter.  I think as long as I live in AZ, winter will be my favorite season :)
Check out the short sleeves, shorts, and flip flops!

2. Learning to cook gluten free foods- I'll admit that I wasn't looking forward to it because I thought it was going to be hard.  However, it hasn't been that bad.  I have actualy enjoyed it.  Not to mention, I feel better too!

My first batch of GF chocolate chip cookies!  They were seriously good stuff! 

3. The view- I just can't get enough of the mountains.  It never gets old to look at God's Creation.  This month, I have especially enjoyed it!


4. Sun's game- For Christmas, I got Eric tickets to a Phoenix Sun's basketball game.  We could only afford 2, so we got to go on a date!!  We ate at Joes's Crab Shack before and then enjoyed the game together.  They lost, but it was still tons of fun!!

The score at the end of the game :(

5. Family Softball Game- We had lots of fun together.  I plan on writing another post as to why this game in particular meant so much.  Stay tuned :)

She's gonna hit it!!

6. Adoption Updates- We have gotten good news that our adoption is making progress!!  News that our case is going to court to make things official!!  Hopefully soon we will be able to show an actual picture and bring our little girl home!!

7. Spending the day at the lake- Canyon Lake is one of our favorite places to go and just relax.  We spent one Saturday doing just that.  It was awesome!!

Don't you love Brayden's new hairstyle?

8. Babysitting Jace- We love anytime we get to spend with baby Jace. Brayden spent the morning showing him all his trucks that he wanted him to play with :)

After discovering Jace couldn't play with the trucks yet, he found one of his old baby books :)
Aww -a sleeping baby.  It doesn't get much better than that :)

9. Marriage Class- Eric is in seminary and one of the J-term classes offered was a marriage class.  The requirement for the class was that I had to go to and participate, as well as read the books.  (I think when he graduates they should give me a degree too!)  Fortunately, it was really fun.  The books were easy to read and contained lots of useful info.  We got to spend lots of time talking about us, our marriage, and how ministry affects it.  It was a fun weekend, and Eric got an A for the course!

10. Camping in the driveway- Yes, you read that correctly.  We went camping in the driveway.  One Friday afternoon Ella came home from school and her and Brayden decided it would be fun to go camping.  It was too late to pack up all our stuff and pick a place to go, so we just decided to camp in the driveway.  It was lots of fun!!  We even put a TV and DVD player in the camper and watched Dolphin Tale when it got dark outside.  Bonus- We got to use our own bathroom and shower! :)  It was a fun and cheap way to spend a Friday night!

So, that's my top ten for January.  Can't wait to see what will take place this month!!


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  1. I LOVE the camping in the driveway! That will be such sweet memories for your kiddos. You know, most Moms would have just scrapped the idea when it didn't seem feasible to leave the property! Yay for you!